iPhone ってそんなに人気なかったのか


日本人の91%は iPhone 欲しくないんだそうな。てか,ケータイも高くなったし,そんなにほいほい取り替えるようなもんでもなくなってる気がするんですけどね。

Despite the relative success of the iPod in Japan, the iPhone 3G isn't likely to get an immediate footing in the country, according to a new iSHARE study. Of the Japanese adults polled, 91 percent say they have no plans to buy the device when it becomes available on July 11th.


Japan has been historically resistant to adopting non-native phones both due to network limitations and for technological preferences. Japanese networks require 3G cellular service both for calls and data, excluding many 2G-only phones altogether; most media-intensive phones in the country also focus on services such as the Japan-only 1Seg digital TV standard as well as very high resolution (800x480) displays, neither of which will be available with first-run iPhone 3G models.

3G なんかに目もくれず,高解像度ディスプレイを搭載した 2G ケータイで,ワンセグばっか見てる日本人,だそうな。

個人的には docomo が今度販売する BlackBerry を検討しようかと思っているところ。法人向けには販売されてたんですけどね。個人向けは8月からだそうです。カメラがないってだけで,売れなそうですけど。

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